Wine bar

Experience our beautiful, zestful and eminently palatable wines – over 200 references to choose from!

Set in a historical, emblematic building in Barr, the wine-growing capital of Northern Alsace, the 5 Terres Bar unfolds the story of the rich diversity of this land in the foothills of the Vosges Mountains and its seamless fusion with wine-growing.
Basking in the bright light of the conservatory or snugly curled up in an armchair in our well-lit, spacious living room, take time out in our Wine Bar to sample a rare, subtle and local selection of certified Organic or Natural Wines or wine stemming from biodynamic agriculture.

Our sommelier offers you an out-of-the-ordinary, personalised selection stemming from meticulous research conducted throughout the vineyards of Northern Alsace.

You will discover familiar and totally unexpected flavours. Whether they are Organic, Biodynamic or Natural, the wines you taste always come from the cherished soils of our exceptional vineyards.

And when the warm weather arrives, you simply won’t resist the temptation of sipping a light wine on our shady, green terrace.

Because, for us, wine-tasting is an essential quest, we also open our wine list to wines from other regions – focusing on organic, natural and biodynamic certification.

Every month, we put the spotlight on a wine-grower in the region with an array of their very best wines.